Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Zimbra Collaboration System 'ZCS' Network Installation on Fedora

  1. Preparation
  2. 1. Putty
    2. VM
    example :
    OS Fedora
    Ket. Fedora fresh install tanpa adanya Postfix/Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), Apache/Nginx, Bind9, Dnsmasq.
    RAM 2GB
    HDD 40GB
    3. Public IP :
    4. FQDN :  mail.bangandi.web.id
    5. Siapkan file ZCS Network dan file lisensinya.
    Ket. Saya mengunakan ZCS Network versi 8.8.8 GA

  3. Installation
  4. Login to the server via ssh with terminal or putty
    Ket. Saya mengunakan sudoer user 'bangandi'
    [bangandi@mail ~] $
    then login as root,
    [bangandi@mail ~]$ sudo su -
    [root@mail ~]#
    Bila file lisensinya sudah ada, tinggal download zimbranya yaitu ZCS Network, ke /home/your-username.
    Link: https://www.zimbra.com/downloads/zimbra-collaboration/
    Atau bila file ZCS Networknya sudah ada juga maka tinggal upload dengan Filezilla or winSCP ke /home/your-username
    Check zimbra file
    [root@mail ~]# cd /home/bangandi
    [root@mail bangandi]# ls
    Untar the file
    [root@mail bangandi]# tar -xvf zcs-NETWORK-8.8.8_GA_2009.RHEL7_64.20180322150747.tgz
    [root@mail bangandi]#
    [root@mail bangandi]# ls
    [root@mail bangandi]# cd zcs-NETWORK-8.8.8_GA_2009.RHEL7_64.20180322150747
    [root@mail zcs-NETWORK-8.8.8_GA_2009.RHEL7_64.20180322150747]#
    Run the installer
    [root@mail zcs-NETWORK-8.8.8_GA_2009.RHEL7_64.20180322150747]# ./install.sh
    > At this step, zimbra will check the required packages and will ask you to agree 
    to their installation.
    Press Y
    > And then choose the zimbra package:
    Select All (Y)
    > Next step is configure "zimbra-store" for getting admin password.
    Type number 6 ( zimbra-store)
    > Then choose number "4" (Admin Password) and enter. and then type your password.
    > Then input the license file location, example: '/home/your-username/' and enter.
    > Then press 'r' for previous menu (Main menu)
    > Apply all configuration:
    Type Yes

  5. Test the installation
  6. Switch to user zimbra, to test your zimbra server is running or not.
    [root@mail ~]# su - zimbra
    [zimbra@mail ~]$ zmcontrol status
    Then try to access zimbra from web browser: or https://mail.bangandi.web.id
    Admin page: or https://mail.bangandi.web.id:7071

  7. To Uninstall Zimbra
  8. [zimbra@mail ~]$ exit
    [root@mail ~]#
    [root@mail ~]# cd /home/bangandi/
    [root@mail bangandi]# cd zcs-NETWORK-8.8.8_GA_2009.RHEL7_64.20180322150747
    [root@mail zcs-NETWORK-8.8.8_GA_2009.RHEL7_64.20180322150747]# ./install.sh -u