Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Zimbra Collaboration System (ZCS) Installation on Fedora


  1. Preparation

  2. 1. Putty
    2. VM
    example :
    OS Fedora
    RAM 2GB
    HDD 40GB
    Desc: VM fresh install without postfix, Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), apache, nginx, bind9, dnsmasq.

    3. Public IP :

    4. FQDN :  one.zimbra.com

  3. Installation

  4. Login to the server via ssh with terminal or putty
    Desc: I use sudoer user 'bangandi'
    [bangandi@one ~] $

    then login as root,
    [bangandi@one ~]$ sudo su -
    [root@one ~]#

    Download Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition
    Link: https://www.zimbra.com/open-source-email-overview/

    Upload the zcs compressed file with Filezilla or winSCP to /home/bangandi or /home/your-username